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Workmanship. We are in iron and steel fabrication business from the last 15 years and have specialised in this trade.

You will appreciate our fabrication engineering.

  • brazing
  • casting
  • drawing
  • extrusion
  • forging
  • heat treatment
  • hydroforming
  • oven soldering
  • plastic fabrication
  • powder coating
  • powder metallurgy
  • punching
  • shearing
  • spinning
  • English wheeling
  • welding


Iron Gates
Beautiful Iron Gate
Grey Look Gate
A gate with grey look. Elegant design
Silver Look Railing
Design with Silver Looks stairs railing made of pure stainless steel.
Modern Looking Main Gate.
Gate with modern looks

We are specialist in all kind of fabrication. Be it industrial fabrication of bigger size or fabrication requirement of apartment or of a bungalow. We guarantee excellent quality of welding.

Normally an architect gives a design for your requirement. If you don't have the design, don't worry, we can suggest beautiful iron and steel designs for you.

Feel free to Contact us for a free quote. We would be glad to serve you better.

Interior staircase made of wrought iron design
Ornamental Railing
Round shaped railing made of bright bars, best quality.
Silver Beauty
Fusce Railing made of stainless steel giving a feel of silver
Iron Bar Design made by moulding iron bars
Cast Iron Design
 Design made on cast iron which can be used on railing, window grill etc.
Channel Gate
Channel Gate made of iron
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